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Our Services

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Advanced analytics

We can support your company introducing or improving predictive models for:

Churn prediction


Propensity analysis

Market basket analysis

Time series analysis

Data visualization

We think that the right visualization is very important to improve the effectiveness of data analysis
We can help your company through:

Dashboard design

Dashboard optimization

Reporting process improvement

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VOC and surveys

We are marketing research experts, providing a complete range of full service activities:

Qualitative Voice of the Customer: online communities, focus groups, in-depth interviews, mystery shopping

Quantitative Voice of the Customer: benefit sought segmentation, perceptual mapping, concept testing, pricing, value measurement, brand evaluation

Profiling and data collection

Advising on data and analytics

We help companies to improve their current use of data, enhancing analytics performances:

Models performance checking

Dashboard optimization

Improvement of the methodology in marketing research and survey process

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